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The Memphis Grizzlies, Once the Ugly Ducklings of the League and now look at them, everyone is a Memphis fan now….

Do You “Believe” Or Are You Just Bluffing?


It was all good just a week ago right? BELIEVE!!! The Grizzlies mantra, We Don’t Bluff right? Bluff is a term used a lot in poker and sometimes to indicate if someone is real about action or playing around but if we were playing spades right now, the Warriors would be running a Boston or 10 hand for the spade beginners on the Grizzlies. What happen is my question? No, I don’t necessarily root hard for the Grizzlies however I like to see them do well so I have some interest in them however, these last 2 games have been disastrous and tonight, the Warriors have a chance to end the season of the beloved Memphis Grizzlies. My question is, does this surprise you? After the playoffs begin with the thrashing of Portland, it was on to Golden State, the best team in the league with the league MVP, Stephen Curry,  Memphis believed. Memphis fans believed that they had a shot in this series because Golden State is a jump shooting team, the Grizzlies ground and pound attack and boasting a top 5 in the league front line in Zach Randoph and Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies fans thought they had a clear cut advantage. The Grizzlies came out first game and took one on the chin with a 101-86 loss but they had reason for optimism, Mike Conley was supposed to come back in next one and that he did. Afterward his facial fracture  surgery, Mike Conley looked like a thriller zombie and the game before, I thought it would be unlikely that he would play in Game 2 but I gained a lot of respect for him. He came back like he never left, masked and all and came out in the first quarter and killed it and overall scoring 22 points as the Grizzlies tied the series, 1-1 behind his 22 points. Courtney Lee contributed big time as well scoring 15 points and that guy Tony Allen, he was everywhere, a one man defensive hawk. Allen is that guy that you hoop with at the gym that’s wild as ever, you don’t like playing against him,” hey man, you  guard him” he can’t score at all,  but playing with you, you love him on your team.

In Game 3, it was Grizzlies again with a dose of Randolph and Gasol who finished with 21 and 15 while Randolph had 22 points got another win. Curry looked normal for a change, going 8-21 and 2-10 from 3 and just didn’t seem like his self. Did the Grizzlies great defense have to do with this? The thing about jump shooters or 3 ball shooters, it’s great when you making them but there is a old phrase, you live by the 3, you die by the 3 and when you not on, it can be a long night for you and great night for the other team. The Grizzlies found themselves up 2-1 in a series that Charles Barkley said they would get swept in, that’s right swept and now, it’s 2-1, WE DON’T BLUFF RIGHT? “BELIEVE” Well, I can’t lie, they even had me saying maybe they can pull this series out but not so fast mr.postman. Game 4, Steph Curry with the shot woke up out of the slump he was in and went to work scoring 21 points in the first half. He had 21 the whole game in Game 3 and he got that amount in the 1st half. As I watched at Clicks with friends, that game got ugly and ugly quick and it seemed as though someone came in the Sports Bar and put a little needle in the building and let all the Grizzlies air out. The team seemed deflated after that game but once again, “BELIEVE” This is Memphis, we don’t bluff right? Game 5, the Grizzlies had a great start, it looked like they were going to make it a game even getting up by double digits early but once again, that man Curry came alive hitting 4- 3 pointers to put the Warriors up at the end of the 1st quarter, 26-25. Late, the Warriors toyed with the Grizzlies, it looked like a rec game with old college pros and college players playing against plumbers, lawyers and guys that own restaurants, it looked bad. Whatever the Warriors threw up, they hit but was it because Tony Allen didn’t play? No, people, let me reiterate that, Tony Allen wouldn’t have made a 20 point difference. Please stop with that, I love his effort on the floor but offensively, he is a  liability because the Warriors don’t have to guard him so he can be a hindrance as well.

So now it’s 3-2, the Warriors look like they have gotten their swagger back, the Grizzlies looked shaken and rattled and now have to figure out a way to snap out of it and play like are capable or be eliminated on their home floor. What can they do to bolster the offense? What role player is going to have to play out of their mind tonight? Can old man river Vince Carter get you 15 tonight and make you think about when he was half man half amazing or is just now old half man? I remember people really  being on Beno Udrih, like he was a really good player, what happen to him?  Who’s going to be the shot maker from the outside tonight? Speaking of shot makers, why haven’t the Grizzlies addressed their horrible shooting from the perimeter in the last 2 years? It’s great to have 2 guys be able to score on the inside but what happens when you can double 1 and sag off (Allen) to help out on the other block? There has to be a guy able to make a shot consistently for them and if they don’t find it tonight, the season will be over. Maybe it’s me but I think Gasol could be better, he produces okay numbers to be called a top 2 or 3 center in the league but his numbers should be 20 10 consistently. I think he plays passively at times and isn’t as forceful on the offensive side as he should be. He passes sometimes 3-5 feet from the rim when he should be powering up for and ones or getting to the foul line. In this series, he has a clear cut advantage, well I at least I thought he had one on Bogut and while has played okay, I guess maybe I’m expecting more. My prediction on tonight’s game, hmmmm, well since the Warriors have won the last two by 15 plus, although the Grizzlies will be at home and they should play better here, I just don’t think the Grizzlies can score enough to keep Golden State from winning comfortably by 10 besides they haven’t scored 100 points in the series yet and we 5 games in. Do you believe or are you just bluffing?