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Where Are They Now? (2018)

Will TJ Moss Have An Impact As A Freshman?


Two weeks in, with still some movement going on in the city in other classes, the freshman class is finally settling in to their new schools and new journeys as they try adjust to the high school life. Who will have the biggest effect? TJ Moss at East High or his teammate Alex Lomax? Mark Freeman at Southwind? With the new addition of Lucky Cheatham, he will definitely play minutes but maybe not the minutes that were expected with some what surprise of a point guard who has played in the toughest district in the city or what was that. What about some of the better point guards in that class, Carlos Sandifer, Quentin Williams, Jordan Johnson, will they have a say in their teams success? It really depends on what’s their at their position and if they can overcome or compete with that person for that spot. Some teams may not necessarily need a freshman to step in right away but more or less bring them along through out the season so that maybe they can have an impact late in the season. Below is a look at where some of 2018 went and the type of impact that they could have at their new school.

1. Terrence “TJ” Moss 6’4 Combo/ Wing (East High School) With a already pretty good young group, adding him to the team adds another piece that could make this team a serious threat to be a top 3 team. His ability to play 2 or 3 spots will add versatility to the line up and he could be a day 1 starter, uncommon to a lot of freshman in this class. He will be asked to score double digits and rebound at the 1 and the 2 position and will have to do that on a every game basis. He’s more than capable and if so, he could turn out to have the biggest impact of all the freshman in the city. Prediction: Starter

2. Ryan Boyce 6’5 Wing (Houston High School) Really like this young player upside as I think he’s just scratching the surface of how good he could be. Along with Moss, he’s another that could be a starter bringing athleticism but will be relied upon to contribute immediately defensively but maybe not as much on the offensive side with Marlon Hunter being their go to scorer but I could see him having to contribute some nights and being able to give them a few points. Prediction: Starter/ 20 plus minutes

3. Antwan Beans 5’10 PG (Kingsbury High School) Beans is a scoring point guard kind of in the mold of the point guard they already have (Demonte Person) but I can see them playing some together in backcourt with both having the ability to score the ball and being able to play off the ball some in their district. Don’t be surprised to see him score 17-20 points some games. Prediction:Rotation/Part time starter

4. Alex Lomax 5’10 PG (East High School) Had a strong end to his summer and will  be looking to carry that over after he gets off the football field onto the basketball court. Defensively, he’s an impact player from the jump and a true point guard, will find his way into minutes but with 2-3 point guards already there, finding consistent minutes could be hard. Their new coach loves to play a lot of guys so I really don’t see that as a huge problem but ALO  as he is called will find his way on the floor. Prediction: 10 Man Rotation (10-15 mins a game)

5. Mark Freeman 5’10 PG (Southwind High School) Like Lomax, Freeman is a point guard not a “points” guard so Coach Edwards will have a valuable piece to spell Lucky when he needs a break but with Leiland Kirkendoll and Tyler Brewer being there, they will have something to say as well about that as well but I see Freeman being a player who you will have to find time for. Prediction: Rotation (7-10 man rotation)

6.Tyler Harris 5’10 PG (Ridgeway High School) Tyler’s ability to shoot it would be valuable for anyone in high school but really may have found a great spot for himself with Coach Henning because he will be needed. He like Moss, I think starts and would be surprised if he didn’t along side Javion Hamlet. Prediction: Starter

7. Carlos Sandifer 5’11 PG (White Station High School) There with two of the better guards in the city so seeing a lot of minutes will be minimal but just being able to gain that valuable experience against both in practice will suit him well going forward into next year and when his name is called this season and it will be. Prediction: Rotation

8. Braxton Winford 6’2 SF (White Station High School) Interesting because I’m not sure what position he plays as of right now and that’s the adjustment to high school for him. With a new team, the time will be there to be had and that’s good for him and other freshman over in Spartan land. Prediction : Rotation

9. Allen Hatchett 6’2 SF (Ridgeway High School) Hatchett is in another good position because Ridgeway will need some young players to step in and make himself a valuable contributor. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Hatchett getting big minutes. Prediction: Rotation

10.Trey Davis 5’11 PG (St.Benedict) They have found their point guard for the next 3-4 years and will likely be heavy minute getter this year and next year, a probable starter. Prediction: Rotation

11. Roderick Brown 6’4 SF (Cordova High School) New name to remember in Memphis but definitely a high level prospect to keep an eye. At my first glance of him, he put me in the mind frame of Adonis Thomas as a 8th grader, really bouncy, long and motor on top of motor. Don’t be surprised to see him in the top 5, he’s that kinds of player.


Here are a few more of the 2018 players and where they are now

1.Brandon Mason 5’11 PG Central High School

2.John McBride 6’5 PF MUS

3.Zachary Street 6’0 PG MUS

4.Nick London 6’6 SF/PF Hamilton

5.Jordan Johnson 5’10 PG Overton

6.Calvin Temple 5’11 PG White Station

7.Garrett Golday 6’5 PF Arlington

8.John Anderson Jr 6’0 SG Arlington

9.Dequarius McCord 6’6 PF Kirby

10.Keshun White 6’1 SG Manassas

11.Rashad Williams 6’2 SG Lausanne

12.Quentin Williams 5’10 PG Bartlett





City Vs County Game,February 24th,Germantown High School- First Game 4:00



Kneeling- L-R Tyran Davis (Lowrance) Carlos Marshall (Highland Oak)

Will The County Talent Be To Much This Year?

The 2013 901PrepScoop City Vs County is back for the second year in row with a great teams of players looking to show that there area is the best in the city of Memphis!!! The county looks strong with several players already having national acclaim including Blake Williams of Highland,Tyler Harris of Highland Oaks and TJ Moss of Lowrance. The county roster includes as follows, 6’2 Luke Wiseman of Arlington, 6’2 Jalen Reed of Dexter, 5’7 Jordan Channels of Collierville,6’4 DJ Jackson of  Fayette East,5’9 Tyran Davis Lowrance,6’3 Carlos Marshall Highland, 6’3 Aarin Strother Bon Lin, 5’8 Desmond Johnson Highland Oaks and 5’8   Leland Kirkendoll Highland Oaks. The County team will be coached by Coach Frank Harris of Highland Oaks and Coach Anderson from Lowrance Middle.

Updated- 2-20 City Boys will Practice at 251.S.Claybrook ( Penny Hardaway  Fastbreak Court) this Saturday at 2:00pm

Please be PROMPT

The city side will include from Havenview, 6’1 Nick Jackson, 6’2 Tyrique Sandusky Ridgeway, 5’11 Kylan Watkin MUS, 6’2 Josh Gray MUS, 5’6 Rameek Wooten Cypress, 6’0 Dayton Leach White Station,5’10 Adam Price White Station, 6’5 Lemarious Cornes Sherwood, 5’5 Nick Merriwether Lester,6’2 Tekorian Smith Lester,6’3 Rodarius Washington Lester and 6’4 Christian Despeaux of St.Dominic.

Rodarius Washington
Josh Gray MUS



Rameek Wooten (Cypress Middle)



New to the event this year,the girls game with the county coached by Schilling Farms head  coach,Patty Gardner and co coach John Perkins from Mt.Pisgah. The county team roster includes, Shaela Gardner of Schilling Farms, Riley White from Riverdale,Dominique Hall,Damiah Griffin Mt.Pisgah,Nakia Grandberry Mt.Pisgah,GiGi Lewis MHEA,Jamie Crum,MHEA, Destiny Manning of Highland Oaks and Kelsey Nadler of Houston.


Updated Practice-2-19-2013 (City Team)

Representing the city, Breanna Bullock White Station Tamia Jones Kate Bond,Tecia Thompson of Corry,Jayla Woods of Havenview, Arielle Williams, Adreanna Wrister Lester,Bianca Massey Hickory Ridge, Rochelle Lee Havienview,Shannon Sharp Cordova,Taelor Manning Cordova,Taylor Williams Cordova,Princess Stars of Colonial  and Kania Taylor from Cordova. This team will be coached by Cordova’s Rodney Newsome


Tecia Thompson Arguably The Areas Best 8th Grader


Shaela Gardner (Schilling Farms)




















The location will be the same as last year,Germatown High School with the girls City vs County game beginning at 4:00 and the boys starting at 5:30 pm. The cost will be $7.00 dollars. Does the county have the talent in both the boys and girls or do the city schools still run Memphis? We find out next Sunday!!


Last Year The City Won,Will The County Reign Supreme This Year?

NIKE YOMCA Stakes Claim As Top Teams In The Country In Their Respective Classes

The Memphis YOMCA 17 and 16 years old teams took a trip to Dallas Texas this past week to participate in the Nike EYBL Session #2 to qualify for the Peach Jam held later this summer. The 16 year old team did pretty well going 3-1 before losing to Mac Irvin in the elite 8. Some of the players in participated with included Markell Crawford of Melrose, Nick King of East High School,Nourse Fox of MUS and Matthew Butler of East High School just to name a few. On the 17′s side,it was a clean sweep with a record of 5-0 including beating the number 1 team in the country in BABC out of Baltimore Maryland. With that win,could the Memphis YOMCA 17s be ranked as the number team in the country among Nike teams? You can almost bet on it!! In the Next Level Ballers Tournament,the Memphis YOMCA Wildcats was the only team to represent the city and they pulled off one of the biggest defeats of summer aau thus far. In a game that featured the 2010 D-1 and D-2 national champions they defeated the Texas Titans,the back to back to back national champions  and considered by many the number one player in the country, Mickey Mitchell. Down 15,the Y Wildcats went man to man and the entire game changed leading to a comeback and the win over a team that hasn’t lost to  a team it’s own age in 3 years. Leading the way for them was KJ Lawson with 38 points and 15 rebounds in a huge game. They later advanced to play the Triple A Stallions out of Dallas  where they lost after playing 3 games with only 2 hours of rest in between. This could put to rest the talk of the D-2 champions not being good enough to play in the D-1 Nationals. The Big Y is back and looking like they maybe here to stay.                                                   

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