Dillon Mitchell-  White Station ( MUS Summer League 2012)

Opinions….How Many Of Us Have Them?

A few weeks ago,  there was a guy who did a ranking based on Memphis players in the 2019 class ( freshman class) and there was an uproar of some sort. Now, I don’t know him, never heard of him honestly and still don’t know who he is even after going on social media and announcing that he was real after some said it was a fake guy doing rankings….

Ashton Smith ( Lausanne 2019)

2019 Guard Showing Promise

Among 2019 in Memphis, many know of the bigger name players because I’ve mentioned that this class maybe one of the best to come out of Memphis in awhile, however, it might be time to mention another point guard among Joe Cooper and others, Ashton Smith. The 5’9 guard is heading to Lausanne for his freshman season and looking to make a name for himself in a loaded 2019 group….


Gatlin Looking To Make Name Once Again.

  When the season first started last year, all eyes were on a few outstanding freshman in the city, TJ Moss, Alex Lomax, Mark Freeman, Tre Davis and others that made up one the best overall classes in Memphis but early on in the season, the best player in his varsity season may have been Taelyr Gatlin. The 6’2 guard was averaging 18 almost 19 a game, 6 rebounds, 5…


Team Penny Wins National Title

Lamarcus Golden and Team Penny captured a national title, 86 66 over the Michigan Gators at Southwind High School. That’s 2 in a row for this organization with last year Desmond Merriweather coached team winning last AAU season. I think this 2018 group has a chance to be a really good EYBL team next season!! Congratulations to Coach Golden, Coach Freeman and Team Penny!!!


Top 5 In 2020 (7th Graders)

1. Cameron Matthews 6’3 G/F (Bluff City Ballers) Good looking prospect with big time promise at the big guard or wing position, Matthews has the look of a future d-1. Has a good first step where he can take bigger or smaller players off the dribble using his size and body to shed defenders. He’s very reliable inside where he plays for his summer team but is a ball handler…

Kameron Jones

Top 5 In 2021

TOP 5 In 2021 This is the first time, I’ve done rankings in awhile and it takes sometime, some will hate them, some will like them, some will love them however it’s what makes the basketball world go in Memphis. I do not look at other rankings when I do my own locally. Well, why is this person over this person and on this site, they are higher than that…

Lanyce Williams

Williams Sisters Add Offer From SEC

The Memphis version of the Williams sisters, not Serena or Venus but Lanyce and Lanetta (Central High School)  have received an offer from Ole Miss after their stellar play at their elite camp. Lynette at 6’3 almost 6’4 has incredible upside as young player that can step out, make the 15 footer, post on both blocks and be highly effective  and score with either hand or just finish over the…


Memphis Products Visit Indiana On Unofficials

5 Memphis High School products got a chance to visit one of the historic basketball institutions in the country today, Indiana University. 5’11  2018 Carlos Sandifer, a speedy guard who prepped at White Station last season and now will attend Olive Branch High School and likely be the starter along with 6’6 Rod Brown of Cordova who’s starting to receive a lot of D1 attention, 6’6 Bruce Guy, a late…

6'5 Ryan Boyce Already Has Ole Miss Offer  (2018)

And The Best Class In Memphis Is…….

People love to compare in sports, particularly in basketball because it makes for great discussion, some discussions are crazier than others but never the less, it’s  discussion. In Memphis, people love to compare classes to the 1997 class that had 10 division 1 players. I’ve had battles in the barbershop with people on that issue but what about the current classes in the city? 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019? What class…