Richmond Shows Some Promise In 2022

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Dustin Richmond

On a middle school team that won it’s 4th consecutive state sectional with names like Jr Jacobs, Cartier Beverly, AJ Dillworth and Amar Knox, it was kind of easy to overlook a player like Dustin Richmond who to me was a valuable piece to their team. I think he became a lot more comfortable with the ball this year as a handler and he showed he could hit the 3 with range but also make plays with the ball as well.  He’s plays with a pretty good pace, doesn’t let you speed him up and shows some ability as a driver/finisher but I think he’s more effective as a  jump shooter at this time in his development. Foot speed and getting lower on the dribble could turn him more into a combo guard because I think he’s a 2 and just in case he doesn’t get to 6’3 6’4, he could still transition to the 1. He looks like the classic sleeper guard which for him will be good because he can fly under the radar some. He has some family tradition behind him though with his father who was a pretty good player at Hamilton along with his uncle(Billy) who played at Memphis so the pedigree is there, it’s up to Richmond to become what I think he could be, a really good player going forward.