Lee Makes A Strong Case As The Best Player In The City In 2022

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Serena Lee

Sequoia Allmond, Endya Buford and Jayla Hemmingway all have one thing in common, well 2, all are underclassmen and all considered to be the best players in their respective classes in the city. One name you might have to add to that soon,  2022 Serena Lee of Bellevue Middle who I think could be on way to the becoming the next high major guard out of Memphis. Simply put, Lee is so talented, sometimes it looks easy like she’s not playing hard but generally, that’s how you tell the great from the good players. Lee is a 5’9 multi-faceted guard who score, score and score some more with the slash and the jumper . She can play both guard spots I think and even some 3 if that’s what you need but I think the 2 spot is more of her natural position. She’s an either hand finisher with the lay, has the soft floater that you look for in scorers and she puts a lot of pressure on defenses because she’s constantly trying to find a way to the basket. She’s really good in the transition game to where she can maneuver through traffic and score. Lee is a versatile defender who can defend  the 1,2 or the 3 spot and make it tough on smaller guards with length and ability to jump passing lanes.

I think she has high major ability and she’s only going to get better. Another 2 inch spurt, she’s a 5’11 who can play 3 spots and now your looking at a player who could among the best players in the country in her class. Whoever gets her for high school is going to have a big smile on their faces for the next 4 years….