Jones Among The Best In 2019 In Memphis

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With 2019 inching closer and closer, colleges will plentiful in Memphis hoping to get their hands on some of the country’s best prospects. Everyone knows that Memphis has quite a few of them in fact, 4 out of the top 100 and soon 5 with the season that Antavion Collum is having this year. 6’8 Kameron “KJ’ Jones from Southwind might be another name that people see rise this summer with a very important last run for the athletic 4 man who runs with Team Thad. Jones is shot blocking, rebounding dunk everything close type with an improving offensive skill set that is allowing him now to score with soft hooks. He runs the floor really well, dives hard at the rim and keeps possessions alive and can sometimes switch on to smaller players defensively. He fights for space inside  and he’s improving with jumper to make him a threat outside of 10-15 feet where the game seems to be going right now for bigs his size.

With a nice spring and summer, Jones could easily find himself among the heavily recruited in Memphis in 2019.