Ridgeway, Germantown, Havenview, Cordova & Bellevue In Semi-Finals

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8 teams left,5 representing Memphis all with one goal in mind, bringing home a state sectional. Bellevue Middle blew out Martin Tn Thursday night and Bolivar beat Lowrance Middle setting up their game tonight at 7:00 pm. Bolivar has a pretty good guard and a few players who can shoot it who will play off him but as he goes, so will they. Bellevue will be tough for them because they come at you with their guard play and they have 4-5 pretty good ones. The Thing that might bother them, length but I can almost say that the biggest team left, they beat Thursday night. Bolivar doesn’t have much in that department and that gives Bellevue the advantage from the jump.  I have Bellevue in that game but it will be close early.

The game of the day might be in Jackson Tn, at 5:40 pm,  Ridgeway vs Havenview. Like I said previously, they have played each before so with that said, blah blah blah, I got….nope, I can’t do it. This will be a good game. Both have young guards, the game will be won in these ways, turnovers, free throws and who has the best decision makers on the floor in the 4th. This should be pretty good guard and both teams I expect will have nice crowds on hand as well and that could play a part in it.

Germantown and Cordova will play in the 7:00 game and will be interesting early on. Cordova has kind of been the cinderella as I don’t think a lot of people thought they would be playing this late in the year but I say anything is possible. It will be a hard game for them though because Germantown’s bigs and their length is tough to deal with and they are  very versatile because all can handle and make plays at the rims. Good luck to all the teams playing today and congratulations for making it this far.