Hardwork Paying Off Miles!!

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You hear the term, it’s marathon, not a sprint and immediately perseverance comes to mind. The dictionary defines it as steadfastness in doing something  difficulty or delay in achieving success but this year so far, the success seems to be finding Alvin Miles. The 5’9 sophomore guard at Whitehaven is the starter at point guard in his second year for Faragi Phillips who has had a way with guards in the past including now University Of Memphis guard, Jeremiah Martin. Known for his outside shooting, Miles has been in the more traditional lead guard role showing he can ran an offense, learning how to play off picks and create shot opportunities for his teammates and make decisions on the fly. Extremely quick, Miles can get into the lane and look for the kick or use the runner and floaters for himself and defensively he’s tough and uses speed to get under bigger guards to bother them. Still an excellent shooter from 3 evidenced by going 6-6 last night, he can get it off the dribble as well as the spot up and he can shoot it deep. I think he’s evolving  more now as point guard instead of “points” guard which will help him in the long term with him only being a 10th grader.

Miles hard work is paying off for him and hopefully this spring and summer, he can parlay that into some nice performances in front of the right people so he can get on the radar of college coaches. Last year he ran with TGAND but right now his options are open. “Right now, he’s trying to figure out what will be the best fit for him so there’s no definite decision” says his mother Quetta Miles. District tournament and region time are around the corner and Whitehaven has a chance to be right there when it’s time to decide who’s going where. They have a senior leader in Cameron Jones and the areas best sophomore, Matthew Murrell but ask anyone close to Whitehaven, Miles is just as important as any of them.