SuperChamps Elite League Results

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TJ McNeal (Bellevue Middle)

Watching and thinking about what could be with some of the players in the SuperChamps Elite League and I can honestly say, I wish I could fast forward a few years. Not that I want to get older so quickly but just to see the upside start to come to form for some of the city’s young talent. I was really impressed with a few players like White Station 6th grader, Stevelen Morris who is one of the better 6th grade guards that I’ve seen along with Damion Cox Jr, Juluis Thedford Jr who was everywhere for Bellevue, scoring it, defensively anticipating and finishing tough. It’s really hard to envision a list with him not on it as one of the better 6th graders.

Stevelen Morris

Bellevue beat White Station for the Platinum championship in 6th grade and they also won the platinum jv title as well (6th and 7th graders) in a competitive game with Havenview Middle who has a few players of their on. I thought Zach Hayslett was really good for them early getting put backs, rebounding everything at least finishing with 13 rebounds and I’m sure he had more because I stopped counting late. He just seemed to have a nose where the ball was coming off at and was able to capitalize easy opportunities. Thedford was a starter for the group as well and played good minutes showing he should be able to be in the rotation next year if not start as a 7th grader along with big guard Langston Rogers who has good upside at his position. TJ McNeal was really good in the game handling, scoring when needed getting in the lane for lay ups, and poise under pressure with the ball in his hands. It was my first time seeing him but he’s another that people locally need to be aware among the best players in middle school next year. Jayden Bachelor was able to play some minutes with the older group and showed some flashes of putting it on the floor and making something happen but right now is much better near the rim.  Havenview just couldn’t seem to get it going offensively and their outside shots weren’t falling but still was only a 4-5 point game late before Bellevue pushed it up late. I still love the group they have though especially for next year because all of this will help them next year and they will likely be among the city’s best.

Bellevue JV Wins Platinum JV Title

White Station’s girls 6th and 7th grade team beat Houston in the platinum finale and showed a really bright future as a team to look out for next year. I didn’t get the name but they have one the tallest girls that I’ve seen in the city in the 6th grader, at least 6’1 and she will be a presence next season for them.  In the 6th grade gold division, Collierville Juan Boyce hit 3 to seal the deal in their game against PCA with under 20 seconds left in the game.

White Station’s Girls Can Be A Top 5 Team Next Year

Overall, a great league, experience and camaraderie built going into next season for these young players. That’s another in the books for the SuperChamps JV League, the city’s best glimpse into what basketball will be in the coming years.