Havenview Looking Like A Contender

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Don’t look now but the Havenview Tigers are looking legit as a threat for the Large School Sectional title. Trust me, I know that Ridgeway is really good and they showed that last night handing Germantown only it’s 2nd loss of the season (both to them) and I know that Germantown is really good. The loss doesn’t make them any less good, it just goes to show you that anything can happen and like I’ve always said, Ridgeway has the talent to play with and beat anyone. I think you have to put Havenview in the convo though with those 2 teams and here is the reason why you should pay attention to the Tigers.

They play hard as a team, they have players who know their roles and there doesn’t seem to be any selfishness in them. Guards are so important in middle school and this time of the season, it becomes even more important and Havenview has that going for them as well. They are young but pretty good with Emerson “KJ” Tenner, 6th grader William “H” Carver who by the way I will say this, there may not be better 6th grade guard than him that I’ve seen locally. They also have Micah Mickens who was the MVP of the game last night in their win over A Maceo Walker. He got them going   along with Carver last night when they were struggling to score the ball early on. The Tigers also have some size with Deuce Ford who can score with hands on him around the rim and he gives them that physical presence and some shot blocking ability as well. Travis Campbell plays as hard as anyone last night diving on the floor hitting his head and bouncing right back up like it never happened.  He’s a strong rebounder who defensively you can put on a 3-4 or 5 man and give them trouble and kind of that piece that every team need.  They have another 6’1 big strong 4-5 , Evan McClary and Kevin Washington, the 6’3 6th grader who will be a big part of Havenview’s future.

They will be on the same side as Ridgeway in the state sectional so it’s possible that we could  see that match up again from earlier in the year where Ridgeway won. Last year they made it to the final 4, can they go further this year? Time will tell.