Marcellus Brigham Has A Chance To Be High Major

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A few years ago, I saw a long kid playing for the Memphis WarEagles. He was about 5’10 or so, deliberate in the way he moved, kind of a smoothness to his game. I saw a player who had a ton of potential and at the time to me was a top 2-3 player in that class among Memphis players. That player was Marcellus Brigham  and he  is starting to show the promise that I saw years ago in him

At 6’6, Brigham has all the traits of a future Division 1 basketball. Length, handle, good feel and the mid game of a player 5-10 years older . Sometimes people ask me what I mean by mid game, basically the mid range game and Brigham specializes in that. In an era where kids don’t really shoot the pull up, that’s where Brigham thrives especially around the free throw line. He gets it off whenever he wants shooting over the top and always squares up nicely on his shot. He can shoot the 3 but I think he’s really comfortable from 15-17 where he can take the 2 or 3 dribble pull up for the knock down.  He’s also become a little more bouncy athletically shown last week in the Whitehaven game where he caught one off the rim off a missed lay up.

I think this year he is kind of waiting in wings for a bigger spotlight . I know that they have some nice young pieces there like Kennedy Chandler and few others but I think he will take on the role that Cedric Henderson has now next season. The go to guy so to speak and I think he could flourish with more touches and lead a Saints team that could be pretty good for a few years. He’s really laid back as a player and I would still love to see increased aggression as a scorer because I think he’s capable of more than he thinks he is. Brigham still has time to get that though and this summer will be key for him as well so that colleges can start to keep a closer tab on his progression as a player. The  2020 class is Memphis is be anchored by Matthew Murrell and Cameron Matthews but Brigham is certainly there in the conversation as one of the best sophomores in the area.