Wilkes Continuing Progress As One To Watch!!

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Memphis is known as a guard city and the 2022 class has plenty of good ones to follow for the future. One in particular though should be higher on everyone’s list, Kobe Wilkes. The lefty has increased his reputation after one of the better showings at the Bartlett Middle School Sweet 16 tournament.

His offensive high IQ is really good knowing where he can pick angles on the floor for drives but also when to use utilize the runner/floater which he hits at good clip.  He’s really good as a finisher in the lane because of his body control  but can kick to open shooters as well. In transition he flourishes but he also makes good decisions when it’s thinking time in half court. He has a good release on his shot and he shoots the 3 well but I think he’s at his best on the move with the ball in his hands.

Defensively, he relies on instincts and position and while not overly quick, he’s able to stay in front and be a pest. A coach’s  son, Wilkes knows how to play basketball, he’s confident in his ability, makes plays and will find ways to affect a game even when his offense isn’t going. His teams relies a lot on him but he’s more than up for that task going into every game. I think as he matures and gets stronger, he will become the pg that can score it but also run your team as well. Wilkes has a bright future and one that will be worth watching.


2 thoughts on “Wilkes Continuing Progress As One To Watch!!

  1. he is great to coach and is very humble. Also has a high GPA in the class room.
    Season only half over and I miss him already. We thank you for the recognition you’ve given us. For a small school we have some big time players

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