Middle School- 901″Prep” Poll

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12-06-2016- Top 5 Teams In Middle School

1. White Station Middle (12-0) – Best team in the city right now and it’s not close. To big, to talented and in a few weeks, their biggest challenge might be the MAM of everything left in the season. One team has played them close and that was Highland who might be their biggest challenge on the large school side along with Schilling Farms. Jelani Willis has become their x factor and best utility player able to guard the best player on the other team, rebound and score through the drive.

2. Schilling Farms Middle (9-0) -Rolling in municipal right now, still without a blemish to their record. Really hoping to see them in the MAM against the best of the best.

3. Bellevue Middle (9-1) – After a big loss to the #1 team, Bellevue has rebounded but another opportunity is lurking around the corner but in small schools right now, clear cut favorite to win it for the 3rd straight year. Cartier Beverly and AP Paige must be big in the upcoming weeks, defensively and offensively.

4. Highland Oaks Middle (8-2) – Only team in the city to have White Station on the ropes late in a game and from fans, probably should have won it however, the Hawks remain a formidable threat for the crown.

5.Briarcrest Middle (10-3)– Lost a few tough ones without one of their leader at the point guard position but Briarcrest is still going to be a tough out late in the season. They will be tough draw for any team in the MAM tournament.

6 thoughts on “Middle School- 901″Prep” Poll

  1. Allen Anderson and highland oaks is a great team. He probably is the best player in the city with no doubt. He is one of the tallest and plays like a guard. Haven’t seen nothing like it. As long as he’s going then they are a unstoppable team. His motor is crazy.

    1. Highland has a pretty good team…I think he along with Donegan make one of the better guard duos in the city. Looking for signature win and they could get that next week in the MAM tournament…

      1. Yes sir I agree with you. I’m looking forward to watch these games also. But when you do your rankings and I know it’s from your point of view. The same players are ranked in the top 5 and I’ve seen this kid play and he has murdered all of them no offense.

        1. Anderson is really good..no question…I just did a ranking of the kids who came to my pre-season Cream Of The Crop Camp. He can play but I showed the kids love that decided to attend the camp but make no mistake…I know Anderson can play..I like his game.

          1. That right. But I would love to see him and Lawson and that brown kid play together. If people (there parents) no offense are smart they would put them 3 together and let them kill everyone in the nation!

          2. That Wildcats team is pretty good…I’m sure they could work somethings out but that’s not my call…but he would add a lot of talent…

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