East Survives 3 Point Barrage From Nashville Hillsboro- State Tournament

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TJ Moss (1 of 3 in Double Figures)
TJ Moss (1 of 3 in Double Figures)


If someone told you this morning that Nashville Hillsboro would be up by almost double digits on East in first half, you would say they were crazy.  If someone told you it would be pretty tightly contested game until last quarter, you wouldn’t believe it either. You definitely would’t believe someone that would tell you that the Nashville team would hit 14 -3 pointers including 8 in the first half and that’s exactly what happened.  What many observers and fans  thought would be a blowout in the making turned into an entertaining game, well for the fans I’m sure but not for the East staff during the game. All of Hillsboro’s shot were 3 pointers in the first half as they jumped out as many as 7 on East who was sloppy early which led to their 8 first half turnovers and couldn’t make any shots only shooting 43 percent from the field in the first half. Hillsboro was able to capitalize on open opportunities at the 3 and they made the Mustangs pay often including hitting a half court buzzer beater to end the 2nd quarter. Everything was working for Hillsboro and it appeared that the magic hadn’t ended for them to start the 3rd as they opened with 2 more 3 pointers but East got going thanks to freshman forward, Chandler Lawson. He scored the first points of the last half before scoring 9 more points in the quarter as East found it’s way offensively (22-12 in the 4th) and defensively, East picked it up and forced turnovers and converted off of them and eventually took control for a win in their opening game, 70-61. Alex Lomax led with 12, followed by 11 by both Lawson and Moss.

Coach Rocky Johnson said, “Those guys did good, they definitely stepped up to the occasion, they made it real tough for us to advance but at the end, it’s all about how you finish the game and finishing on top, I don’t care if it’s a 1 point win or a 50 point win, we will take a half a point win, as long as we end up with more on the scoreboard than them”


SINGLE A: Memphis Booker T Washington got their first win of the tournament over Nashville Christian 63-51 putting 3 in double figures with Decorian McDaniel scoring 19, Chauncey Blakely scoring 18 and Tyree Beason accounting for 13 points.