Top 10 Players Irregardless Of Class In The City?

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The regular season is gone but the the post season is upon us as we have 3 teams from the Memphis area all vying for state titles. Each of those teams has a player that maybe you could say is one of the best at his position in Memphis. From Alex Lomax who just won Mr.Basketball to Chauncey Blakely who is by the way a stud and will be jewel for whomever gets him, both players you could say are top 5 point guards in the city. Cordova has maybe the best big man in Memphis in Jalen Dupree, Mitchell has a top 3 to 5 shooting guard in the city in Tevin Ollison, all are huge reasons as to why their teams are still playing. My question is though, who are the top 10 players irregardless of class in the city?

When I say irregardless of class, that’s exactly what it means so feel free to choose anyone and you can comment underneath on “Disqus” and get the conversation started. People ask me, where did the message board go Chuck, bring it back and I’ve thought about it however, Disqus is the same and you don’t need to sign up as most of you have social media, Facebook accounts so it’s easy to just start commenting.

Now again, I will hit with my top 10 soon, it’s already done so comments won’t sway my opinion however, I want the fans of the basketball in the city opinions. Is Tyler Harris the best guard in Memphis or was it Jaylen Fisher? Where does Darrell Brown belong in the equation as a top 10 player in the city? What about Antonio Reed from Douglass? TJ Moss from East, Jaylen Crutcher from Ridgeway?  Let’s get it started…