The “Prep” Poll (Middle School) 11/23/2015



1. Bellevue Middle School (7-0) Biggest game of their season thus far is Wednesday at 4:15 at A Maceo Walker in what could be a preview of the Small School State sectional game. Omari Thomas has been huge thus far this year but they will need their big pieces to step up this week if they are to win the MLK and A Maceo will be a challenge. How will it be if they find themselves in a close game late because they haven’t been in one yet? We find out soon…

2. American Way Middle (6-0) First test was this week with White Station and at times, they dominated but had problems closing out the Spartans after being up as many as 14.  They are at home vs Craigmont today at 2:30 and  and now get Hickory Ridge at 4:15 at their gym on Wednesday.  Will be a close game if they don’t come ready to play as Hickory Ridge is looking for the upset. That might be a game that they could lose if they are not careful.

3. Cordova Middle (6-1) Got their first loss this season against a good Snowden team this week in what should be an eye opener for them. As I’ve said, I didn’t see a unbeatable this year and it showed but let’s get it straight too, Cordova is still really good! They face White Station who they beat pretty good on Wednesday at 1:45 at Lemoyne Owen.

4. A Maceo Walker Middle (7-0) I saw one of their coaches say, we want Bellevue early, we want to play them, well, you got them. There is going to be a battle inside Thomas and Walker but the key will be guard play for A Maceo as I think Bellevue may have better guards overall but Antwan Smith will have to play huge in this game. 4:15 at their gym on Wednesday in what should be the game of the day.

5. Highland Oaks Middle (6-0) Quietly, this is a team you do not want to play. Good guards even off the bench, they get up and down and have a go to guy who can score it. They beat Snowden who gave Cordova their first loss on Saturday giving you an indication of this team and it’s talent. They have Dexter on Wednesday at 3:00 at Hickory Ridgeway.

6. Bon Lin Middle (8-0) Best team in the county and they are proving it every week.

7. White Station Middle (5-2) Lost at home to American Way but showed some resiliency coming back late to tie the game before losing in the game’s final 10 seconds. Amauri Abner as been big for them, Foreman was nice against American Way but I think for them to take that step, Aldon Applewhite has to be big time and Durias Dyer. The first game against Cordova, I think they were a little intimidated, especially with it being on the road but I think on a neutral floor, it might be a little different especially on a much bigger floor at Lemoye Owen. We will see if they grown since then or if they are the same team. I still think this team is very capable if they play well.

8. Sherwood Middle (7-0) Ridgeway at Ridgeway today, must be careful of being overconfident because they have already beaten them.

9. St George (6-1) Rodney Mason has been putting up big numbers, leading them again on Saturday with 22 pts and 16 rebounds.  Next big test probably won’t come again until they hit the MAM.

10. Briarcrest Christian Middle (6-3) 3 losses, all to top 10 teams is why they are here.

Germantown Guards Shine In Season Debut


Johnathan Bins (Germantown High School)
Johnathan Bins (Germantown High School)


New season, new coach but the expectations are still the same, it’s state or bust for Germantown High School and they showed on Friday night. With Southaven in the gym and their Division 1 commit, Taze Moore, a supremely athletic finisher who is the most athletic player in the area, Germantown found themselves in a dog fight of sorts up as many as 12 but only leading by 5 going into the 4th but that was when the Red Devils guard play took over and in a big way. They went on to win it by 20 behind seniors, Darrell Brown, Johnathan Bins, newcomer Lucky Cheatham and Dacoda Stone. I think its the deepest and most talented group of guards among any team in the city and with them being as experienced as they are, I think this is a dangerous dangerous team capable of making a state run later in the season.

I know it’s early on but Germantown among a few teams who I think can make a case as the best team in the city. I won’t say that they are but they are close. Brown and Cheatham were back court teammates this summer with Team Penny and it looks like both have really been supplied with great confidence this season. Cheatham looks more explosive evidence by trying to dunk it down the middle but looking quicker and much stronger for his senior year. Johnathan Bins played extremely well, especially in the 1st half, hitting I think 4- 3 pointers before the half, getting the rim at will and finishing and looking pretty good doing so. I’ve always been a fan of his, I think he is a bit underrated as well as Stone who might be a 15-20 pt scorer on other teams in the city. Darrell Brown is going to be the guy who leads them on most nights and he should, he is a premiere guard in Memphis. Shoots its really good from 3 off the catch and off the pull up and I love that he will take the pull up jumper from mid range. Truly a scoring pg but also a decision maker for Germantown. They have excellent role guys, added size in a 6’6 6’7 to go with Rodney Williams and Jacob Ivy. This a fun team to watch and one that will put fear into most teams they face in Memphis during the year. On a side note, I think the most athletic player in the city and the entire area, Taze Moore is truly entertaining to watch. I think he might have 40 inch or close to it vertical, gets of the floor as quick as anyone I’ve seen in awhile, just high high level athletic player who can handle, shoot and the quick twitch to his game, size, some post game and has a high IQ. He  was patient, once quick spinning right baseline, pump faking, drawing foul, never quick over anxious in looking for his shot. If you get a chance to go check out Moore, you will thank me for it as he is sure to entertain. They will be a problem in Desoto County this season.

Taze Moore Is Fun To Watch!!!!
Taze Moore Is Fun To Watch!!!!

MLK- We Have A Problem



On Sunday as I normally do, I was looking over the week, what my top 10 Middle School teams did against opponents, trying to figure out, who would be placed where and why I could give reason as to why each team  was in their spot. On the way to this, I realized that the MLK would be coming soon and sent a text to a coach and he gave me the schedule and when I saw it, I was like okay, I wish that they had a committee to actually make the match-ups because obviously, they don’t know who’s who in middle school basketball. No it’s not a shot or negativity but it is what it is, some just don’t know the players, teams in Middle School and there is nothing wrong with that, because that’s where people like me come in that give that look into who’s who.

The reason I say this is because, I would love to see some teams that will match up in the 2nd round, match up later on. Not only for the competition aspect but for those in charge, from the money maker aspect, it would be right. For starters, I wouldn’t have the two best teams in Area 1 on the same side and another team that’s pretty solid in Snowden all bunched up on the top of the bracket. The way it’s set up now, White Station would play Cordova in the second round at Lemoyne Owen in the 1:45 game on the 25th at Lemoyne Owen. Now, it may not be a huge deal to some because, they don’t really care much about middle school basketball but for me, I think that takes some of the luster away from the tournament because two top 5 teams in the city are facing each other in the second round.

On the bottom, Bellevue, my best team in the city plays against Ridgeway first and if they win, they have A Maceo Walker, another top 6 team in the city and maybe Bellevue’s only competition in Small School. Am I saying that Ridgeway can’t pull off an upset? No, not at all however, in my opinion, that’s what we are facing, the two best teams in Small Schools, in the second round of action, again, the second round.  Highland Oaks and Snowden are first round match ups on the top of the bracket which is also kinda well, you get where I’m going.

I just want to see the best later on in the tournament and not so early on in event. Not to discount anyone but wouldn’t we like to see White Station Cordova in the semi final instead of the second round? Wouldn’t you like to see American Way play someone other than a league opponent (Havenview) in their first game?  A team they faced on yesterday? I think you flip the top, A Maceo Walker to the top, White Station to the bottom so you will not see the second round games of Large vs Large and Small vs Small. Maybe even make it to where Bellevue could face White Station in final 4 and A Maceo Walker vs Cordova in the other semi final. I’m not discounting, the other teams but these are just final 4 match ups I would want to see. We could get the dream of Bellevue Cordova, well maybe what I want to see,  I think the two best teams in Middle School, against each other in a who runt it game but before that game, we see a great final 4 and semi final games. The gym would be packed for final 4 and the championship game would be crazy as we kinda see a MAM before a MAM.

Am I the only one who thinks, is this in the right month? I’m used to the best playing the best in the MAM. Is this a power play to take away the power that the MAM Tournament has as the best middle school tournament? Just a thought but hey it’s why I love Memphis basketball, in particular Middle School. Will these things happen? I doubt it because organizers will do what they want but just my two cents, nothing more nothing less. I don’t wanna step on toes because I’m sure I know someone that has a helping hand in the event. I just want to see the best but just not so early on in the tournament. I want it to be where organizers make more sense and more cents if you follow me because the way currently set up, you will lose revenue if King Kong games are so early. I could be wrong but I don’t think I am, but again, just my thoughts, hopefully no one is offended by this and if you are, I’m sorry, well, I’m not because once again, it is what it is.

The “Prep” Poll (Middle School) 11/15/2015


1. Bellevue Middle School (5-0) Ridgeway in the opening game of the tournament this week, will not be easy but following that, A Maceo Walker if they win in what could be one of the better games of the entire tournament. Scheduling committee, why this game so early? If we see this game, I’m really looking forward to the Antwan Smith vs Isaiah Cathey match up, who are AAU teammates.

2. Cordova Middle  (5-0) Really thought about putting them at number 1 this week after the win vs White Station in huge fashion but they will face them once again this week in what should be a victory in their first one and after  that, who knows what match up we might see but for now,  expect White Station vs Cordova, round 2, well, in round 2 on the 25th at Lemoyne Owen at 1:45. After that, one can dream…

3. American Way Middle (4-0) Had a week off and have Havenview followed by White Station this week which will be a test for them because they don’t have any size outside of Lawson. This is my concern for them, size, size, size, will it matter? We find out this week and then on to MLK for them as well when they might face Hickory Ridge if they win the first one.

4. White Station Middle (5-1) Lost to Cordova on the road but it was no rest the next night taking on Kate Bond but they bounced back and won by double digits. Sign of a good team, how do you handle that first loss and they passed that first test but there will be more for them in particularly this week if they win their first game in the MLK, then they have who again, Cordova.

5.  A Maceo Walker Middle (5-0) They are in the MLK starting on the 21st against Kirby, if they win there, they get #1, Bellevue in what could be a preview of the small state sectional title game.

6. Highland Oaks Middle (4-0) Beat Germantown last week for a big division win, so right now, they look like they are in the drivers seat but anything could change on their side. In the MLK, they have Snowden first round, should be a good one and a nice match up between Marcellous Brigham and Allen Anderson of Highland Oaks.

7. Bon Lin Middle (5-0) Wish this team was in the MLK, that would mean, 8 of my top 10 would be in it but never the less, Bon Lin is the best team in the county right now.

8. Sherwood Middle (4-0) Beat previously undefeated last week in Ridgeway and find themselves here. Should they be mentioned along with A Maceo as the only teams that can be trouble in Small Schools for Bellevue? Again, like Bon Lin, it would have been nice to see them in possible matchups with the city’s best but maybe the MAM.

9. St.George’s (2-1) Had big first week beating Kate Bond and then beating Briarcrest but they lost to the Saints on Sunday in the rematch.

10. Briarcrest Middle (2-1) Got their revenge on St George beating them in the Harding Classic on Saturday. For those who may not know, former Memphis State legend, Bobby Ray Parks has another son and his name is, Bobby Park, a 6’2 lefty forward.

Best Duo In Middle School????




“Look at them Private School Boys”, not my words but the words of one of the players pictured above and we might want to start to do exactly that.  Last week against at the time, my number 5 team, St George’s dominated Kate Bond for convincing win and leading them, the duo of Rodney Mason and Isaac Smith. Kate Bond simply had no answer for the duo, who coming for 41 points and putting St.George in the Top 10 in the city and making a case as the best tandem in city. Each is a little different, one is more of guard in the way he moves, the other, more of wing forward. Mason is the bigger physically of the two, really strong, best near the rim but comfortable enough to have it on the perimeter with tools to be out there permanently. Mason is methodical but to the point, scoring inside out, active rebounder, able to get it and find teammates or score it himself. Smith is a impressive player with scoring ability with the jumper particularly the 3 especially off the spot up and looks like he is becoming more and more adapt with it in his hands all over the floor. He has good length, some for future athleticism on display at times but definitely coming as he gets older and shows some potential as a slasher. I’m not sure if there is a better duo than these two in Middle School and there are some good ones. Alfred White and Jaylen Saulsberry? Amauri Abner and Aldon Applewhite, Johnathan Lawson and Jaylen Brown? They are all good in there own right but these two maybe the best and right now at 3-0, they are showing and proving. “Look at the them Private School Boys” Well, I’ve seen and I’m impressed with “them private school boys”

The “Prep Poll” Middle School Top 10 – 11/9/15


Nick Floyd (St George)
Nick Floyd (St George)

Week 2 Middle School Rankings

1. Bellevue Middle School (3-0) KIPP today, Treadwell tomorrow,  not seeing a real challenge this week, so I’m going to assume they finish the week out at 5-0.

2. Cordova Middle School (3-0) Big one today against what is becoming some what of a rivalry, White Station. The Spartans are coming off a nice first week and bursting with confidence while Cordova is also undefeated and let me say this, at home for this game. Not saying it can’t happen but let’s just say, Cordova is hard to beat on their floor. Might be the best game of the week. Look for Alfred White to have big game.

3. White Station Middle School (3-0) Going into the “ice box” as Cordova fans call it, just another week in Area 1, the toughest division of Middle School basketball in the city. Need big games from Foreman and Dyer to neutralize Cordova’s outstanding guard play. If they can do it, they could be boosted to the #1 team in the city.

4. American Way Middle School (3-0) Got up big on Briarcrest thanks to Johnathan Lawson’s 25 points including 17 in the first half but they ended the game kind of sloppily. With no games this week, look for them to try to fix some kinks before they play Havenview next Monday and then on the road to White Station.

5. St George’s (1-0) Really was impressed with them on Saturday in the Elite Middle School Invitational as they beat a good Kate Bond team by double digits and looked impressive doing it. Their trio of Mason, Smith and Nick Floyd maybe as good as any and Mason and Smith combined for 43 points with Smith finishing with 27 points for the biggest scoring output of anyone on Saturday. Doing that, he put himself on the radar and a player I will be sure to monitor in 2020.

6.A Maceo Walker Middle School (3-0) Geeter at Geeter and on the road for Lanier (W.E.B. Dubois). I think both will be wins.

7. Highland Oaks Middle School (3-0) In what might be the second best division in Middle School (Area 3) Highland Oaks will be challenged and almost by every team in the division and tomorrow, they are at Germantown..

8. Bon Lin Middle School (4-0) Schilling Farms today at Schilling Farms, might be upset alert but this team is rolling early.

9. Briarcrest Christian Middle School (0-1) Lost to #4 American Way but have new to the rankings St George’s on Wednesday at Briarcrest. Can they beat suddenly nice looking Gryphon team?

10. Germantown Middle School (0-1) Had starters missing in an anticipated game last week against White Station, damper but reasons why, integrity and for good reason. At home against Highland Oaks might be a good game to go watch for those wanting to see both teams.






Kennedy Chandler (Top 5 Guard in 2021)
Kennedy Chandler (Top 5 Guard in 2021)

Saturday November 7th

The Elite Middle School Invitational location has changed, I repeat the location has been changed and it will now be played at Mississippi Blvd Christian Church on 70 North Bellevue. Event coordinators apologize for the inconvenience but the change was not in their control. Again, the location has been changed from Catholic to Mississippi Blvd Christian Church. The schedule of games has not changed and all games will still be played at the same times.

The 3:50 game might be as intriguing as any as Covington Crestview comes in, usually a solid team against Snowden featuring Marcellus Brigham, one of my top 10 players in the 2020 class in the city. His scoring ability is as good as anyone in middle school as he can use the jumper. Normally Crestview is pretty competitive so I expect nothing less. Colonial’s girls are led by India Buford, maybe the best guard in Middle School and that’s not an exaggeration. If you have not seen Buford, Saturday would be ideal because she’s worth the drive.Now that the location change has been announced, let’s take a look at some of the games that will take place on Saturday. For years, Fayette East was a solid program that now has Fayette Ware High School in the hunt as a team that could make a state run this year. Coming off a so so year last year, I don’t expect them to be down long and they will be coming in to face Kirby Middle at 12:00 pm. Kate Bond’s girls program made some noise last year but each year brings different challenges as I saw in the jamboree that they may have a young team. At 2:00 pm, Colonial led by 6’3 Rolando Martinez takes on Bolivar Middle which might be an interesting game. Martinez is a capable scorer for them and will lead them in most games in scoring. I’m not sure if Bolivar may have an answer for him that can match his length.

The final two boys games are showcase games starting with Kate Bond vs St George followed by the last game of the event, American Way and Briarcrest. Kate Bond is 2-1 on the year so far and a top 5 team in Middle School will come in off a loss to the city’s #2 team will hungry to get the W in the column against a St George team featuring a top 10 player in Rodney Mason, a 6’3 forward who is looking to make a bigger name for himself along with 6’3 Issac Smith, a wing type with some ability. Some say he belongs in the conversation as a top 10 player so Saturday would be a good opportunity to see that. Last game of the evening pit’s 3 of my top 5 in 2021 against one another and a top 10 8th grader in Reggie Neely. Neely is scorer and one of the best in the city at it but Kennedy Chandler receives a bulk of the attention. His match up with Jalen Brown and Alvin Miles will fun to watch. For what’s it’s worth, this is a something because both are top 5, who know how this could play into the next ranking! Johnathan Lawson is as talented as any player in Middle School, looking more as an attacker now as in years past so his scoring output is picking up and we might see this on Saturday evening. He’s going to one that has to be game planned against as well as Neely as many may not have seen him but again, he knows how to score if from the 3 to the finish and his facial expression never changes, silently scoring 15-20 points. 9 games, one location,  4 of my top 5 teams in the city, 3 players ranked in the top 50 in the country in 2021, 2 top 10 players in the city in 2020,  the best girls guard in the city and so much more talent, the Elite Middle School Invitational, see you there!!!



Home Team (White Uniforms) Away Team (Dark Uniform)

Girls or Boys


 Rise Academy Soulsville   Boys
10:45am Fayette East Soulsville  Girls
12:00pm Kirby Fayette East Boys
1:15pm Kate Bond St. George           Girls
2:30pm Colonial Bolivar Boys
3:50pm Snowden  Covington Crestview Boys
5:10pm Colonial Covington Crestview Girls
6:25pm Kate Bond St.George Boys
7:45pm American Way Briarcrest Boys

Big Time Matchups Today!!!



Early Games May Give Look At Future

Four of my top 10 teams will be in action tonight, against each other, not bad for a first week of the season right? We are going to find out a lot  as #5 Kate Bond takes on #2 Cordova at Cordova and #10 Snowden who lost to Kate Bond the other night by 1 point travels to White Station to take on Spartan team coming off a lop sided win over Craigmont.

What’s the prediction, the keys to success for both teams? For White Station, it’s to play through their bigs as they maybe bigger than any team in the city inside. Willie Foreman and Durias Dyer must control the middle and outrebound a smaller Snowden team,  I think White Station’s depth might be key but rotation from what I was told will be tightened in bigger games so it will be interesting to see who’s on the floor in the 3rd and 4th quarter if the game is close. Does Coach Mcclain decide to go big with 6’3 6’3 6’1 6’1 with Applewhite at the point? It’s hard to pick this game honestly.

Cordova and Kate Bond should be a good one but I just have feeling that Cordova’s guard play might be to much however Kate Bond’s length might be a challenge but again, in Middle School, guard play is so vital.

Prediction (White Station vs Snowden) I like White Station size versus Snowden but they will have trouble containing Marcellus Brigham as they have no one that can match up on the perimeter.They have to  hope that he’s missing shots, I expect a big game from him but best believe, Coach McClain has heard about his output on Monday and will be ready but a game plan for him. White Station’s depth will be key and plus they are at home so I like them in this one.

Prediction ( Kate Bond vs Cordova) On the road against Cordova is tough, they haven’t lost a lot at home, maybe in the last 2 years but don’t quote me on that. I don’t expect them to lose here so I’m going with Cordova. I’m just not sure Kate Bond has the guard play but if they do, this game honestly, could go either way but again, Cordova pulls away in 2nd half.

One thing is for sure, team rankings will definitely take a shift after today!!!


White Station Rolls In Home Opener Over Craigmont


Left To Right ( Amauri Abner, Durias Dyer, Aldon Applewhite
Left To Right ( Amauri Abner, Durias Dyer, Aldon Applewhite)

Opening night, good crowd, a little nervousness to start but it didn’t take long to figure out that the Spartans of White Station Middle would win big and that they did. In convincing fashion, White Station got a game high 12 points from 6’1 Durias Dyer and cruised to a easy win over a Craigmont team that looked overwhelmed from the start of the game. This White Station team is everything I thought, big, 9-10 deep possibly, a scorer in Aldon Applewhite who’s also versatile enough to step up and play point should Amauri Abner get into foul trouble. Abner is pretty solid, more of a pure pg but can score and really quick hands on defense, getting 2 clean steals for layups. Like him at the lead spot fo them. Watch for Applewhite to thrust himself into the top 5 in 2021, if he plays at a high level all year long. Lot to like about him but they have other pieces including a 6’3 in Rail Watkins, Dorian George and tonight, they didn’t get a lot from Wille Foreman but they didn’t need it, he’s also a vital piece to their success. Watch for 7th grader Jelani Willis, who gave them 11 points tonight and  Davon Barnes who chipped in with 10. This is a team that’s every bit deserving of their spot but it’s up to them to keep it. We all know, any given night, this is Memphis basketball and next big test, Germantown and I think Kate Bond or Snowden on Wednesday and that’s just this week. It’s here, Middle School basketball!!!

2018 Top 5 (11/02/2015)

TJ Moss 6'4 Combo Guard (Team Penny)
TJ Moss 6’4 Combo Guard (Team Penny)


1. TJ Moss 6’4 SG/PG  East High School – Wired to score, Moss made a name and a big one on the circuit this summer with Team Penny garnering a spot in the ESPN top 20 for freshmen in the country. The slender guard gets it done with myriad of ways to score, the 3, the pull up 15 footer, to the rim as a slasher but as really improved as a 3 ball maker over the last year. He can finish with fouls, create off the dribble I think he’s an underrated passer in that mode and can play some lead guard if need be but is at heart a scorer. Capable of big scoring outputs whenever he’s on the floor, just really knows what to do when it to put points on the board. He keeps defenders off balance because he’s versatile scoring it but I would love to see him rebound a little bit more at that big guard position and continue to be a playmaker for others as he can be when engaged. Love his ability as player who isn’t afraid to take a big shot as I saw him make a few game winners this summer. There is no denying TJ as a player who has a chance to a HM player.

2. Tyler Harris 5’10 PG/SG  – Cordova High School – Tyler has always been among the best players in his class and it hasn’t changed. Known primarily as a shooter, Harris is now showing some creator in him for his teammates as a passer but you know what Harris is, one of the best shooters in the country and isn’t up for debate. Loves hesitation pull up at the top but can make shots from every spot on the floor and has really good handle that gives him the ability to rise up over and get that shot he wants including the floater which also uses well.  Always under control and confident,  he’s a big time gamer and up for the challenge against anyone. This year, he will be asked to be pg, not a traditional pg but he can play that spot and play it well, question is, that that take away from what he does best which is score but he must be in that role to keep from being labeled a small 2 guard. I think he’s in for a big year and one that might thrust him into the conversation as the best player in the class locally.

3. Ryan Boyce 6’5 SF – Houston High School – Bouncy athletic 3-4 who really gets off the floor and is one of the more gifted guys in the area with his ability to play over the rim. Boyce is a quick jumping, mid range maker who is a bit undersized for where he plays but he’s highly effective. He’s really active around the glass and is great in transition and shows some ability as a ball handler although he will need to work hard to be able to be on the perimeter full time which he still has time. Really love his attitude on the floor, comes across quiet but is tenacious as a player and will not shy away from contact.

4. Alex Lomax 5’10 PG – East High School Maybe the best pure point guard in the city but just to be in debate as a 10th grader says a lot about “ALO” The strong bodied leader, runs the shows, is vocal, a trait which point guards need, he can make the open 3, get middle to kick out for shots for his teammates, is a high level defender but is at his best as a passer and guy who can thrive in open court as a decision maker or play the half court game. Exudes a level of confidence, that you don’t see in players going into their sophomore year. He won’t try to do to much that he can’t do but to become an even bigger college prospect, the ability to hit that jumper consistently will be key which he has worked on improving off the pull up. Not overly quick or  athletic but Lomax is a get it done player who you would love to have on your team and someone you would hate to play against because of his competitiveness. He is a classic East High guard, tough and a winner.

5. Mark Freeman 5’10 PG – Southwind High School – Him and Alo are little similar, Freeman is quick on quick, good with the ball in hands as a passer, a really good on the ball guy on defense, a constantly getting better offensive player who can’t leave for the jumper. He is a player who you can count on night in night out to be productive at the point guard spot and Mark is really coach-able and will do what’s asked of him. Not really a score first type which bodes well for him long term but will have to show like some other guards, that he can hurt you offensively as well. Freeman works hard so that shouldn’t be a problem and he will be player who will play at the D-1 level when he’s done with high school.  Really had a nice finish to the summer, particularly in Vegas where he gained a lot of attention of schools including Alabama. Southwind has there leader for the next 3 years and a good one in Freeman.