Jalen Brown (Memphis Wildcats/Team Penny)

2021 Impact Soon To Be Felt

  Who is the best player in 2021? I get it, for some people, it’s to far away right? These young guys are to young to be talked about as far as ranking as the best. You shouldn’t do this, your setting them up for failure, your stopping them  from working hard by doing this so soon because if they see this, they will think they have arrived. I think…

Rod Brown 6'6  (Cordova HS)

Who’s The Best in 2018???

  The first initial high school season is over for the 2018 class in Memphis. For some it was business as usual, the same success that some had in Middle School, they had the same in High School while some struggled adjusting to bigger, stronger, older players and the pace of high school. Who had the best year of the freshman in the city? What freshman stood out the most?…

Nate Hoover (Arlington High School)

Top 10 Shooting Guards In Memphis

    First, let me say this, thank you all for making the Top 10 Point Guard list such a widely discussed topic! I heard some of everyone talking about it, some good, some bad as expected but never the less, the discussions were abound. Now, on to my next list, the top 10 shooting guards in the city and once again, I say one again, THIS IS NOT RANKING LADIES…

Memphis Head Coach (Josh Pastner)

Memphis: Home of the “Miserables”?

  Memphis is  the home of the best barbecue in the country, home of the blues, Graceland, world famous Beale Street and other attractions that make Memphis unique to his visitors but special to it’s residents. Whenever I go to another state, they always mention man, I heard about that Memphis barbecue, man I have family in Memphis or surrounding areas, when you from here, it just seems to intrigue…


Memphis Fans, Are You Happy?

By now, I’m sure everyone knows that the Memphis Tigers have landed Ricky Tarrant, a 6’2 guard who played against the Tigers a few years back with Tulane before transferring to Alabama and sitting out a year playing really well against SEC competition averaging points per game before going down to injury. Is this a good move to me? I can’t say the word that I want to say but…

Darrell Brown Jr (Germantown High School)

Top 10 Point Guards In Memphis

Who’s the best this, who’s the best that? I hear that a lot in local gyms in Memphis. Fans of basketball love to debate and in the city where basketball is king, this is a common talk in Memphis. Blake Williams is the best point guard in Memphis, no man, I don’t know who you been watching, it’s Darrell Brown Jr at Germantown. Are yall crazy? It’s Jaylen Fisher at…

Tigers Get New Commit!!

Jeremiah Martin Commits To Memphis

  Jeremiah Martin (Mitchell H.S.) has committed to the University of Memphis  just after 12:00 pm on today. The 6’2 long crafty point guard is a HUGE get for Memphis. Martin is the real deal at lead guard, handle on a string, hawk as a defender, gets in the passing lanes as well as on the ball as well. Make no mistake, Jeremiah Martin might have a chance to start…

Mitchell High Made It Back To Back State Championships

A Look At 2014-2015 Basketball Season

2014-2015 basketball, well, it flew by and I for one miss basketball already although AAU makes up for it some however, many faces that I’m used to seeing since I’ve been doing the site will now be on to bigger and better, college basketball. Who do I start with? The Middle School basketball season which was all but given to the huge state favorite (Cordova)  but a huge upset in the state tournament…

TJ Moss 6'4 Combo Guard (Team Penny)

Real Deal Rewind

  For many teams, its the first test of the spring/summer, the widely poplar Real Deal In The Rock in Little Rock Arkansas. From all over the country, teams traveled in trying to get a indication of the types of seasons they could have. For years, Memphis teams have had a strong presence in Little Rock and that didn’t change this year. From the Eric Robinson led Memphis Magic organization,…